The Effects of Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire can be a destructive force to building, contents and changing peoples lives forever. NorCal Disaster Restoration Clean perseveres to be the best at what we do , for you during your time of need, while providing compassion and understanding. Thanks to all the men and women with the fire services who put their lives at risk every day. Serving to protect the public as shown in these photos.

One unique thing about home fires is that they do a lot more damage than is visibly apparent. Household items untouched by flames may be still made unusable by smoke damage.

Imagine a two-story house that experienced a kitchen fire. The fire was contained, and emergency crews were able to extinguish it before spreading. The thing about smoke, however, is that it travels to higher (cooler) areas of the house. It uses all the ventilation pathways, hallways, and pipes to reach high-up destinations. Once it gets there, the smoke settles and causes smoke damage. A major portion of the house may experience the effects of a home fire, even though a home fire might have been contained to only one room.

A professional fire restoration team such as NorCal Disaster Restoration Clean can assess the extent of the fire and smoke damage. We also assess hidden damages that may go un-checked by other restoration teams. Smoke permeates through every crack and crevice it can reach. We have extensive knowledge of the behavioral patterns of smoke, and we can detect where smoke may have settled during a house fire. We are also adept at the various types of smoke based upon the nature of the cause of the fire. Therefore, with NorCal Disaster Restoration Clean, you can remain confident that you are in good hands.