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Very professional!

Excellent staff and service was done very professionally. Owner Shad was very compassionate and showed he truly cared about us through this stressful time. Thank you to all!!

Kandee S.

Shad genuinely cares

Shad was very knowledgeable and was quick to return calls. You can tell he genuinely cares about his job and the people.


Very professional On time when they stayed they would be at our home thank you


Work is done fast, no time wasted. Technicians know their job.


Responsive to take my call, quick to schedule my work and fit me in, professional, kind, knowledgeable and thorough...with fair pricing. And local! Highly recommend.


Happy and satisfied!

We had a water leak in the garage! NorCal Disaster Reatoration was incredibly helpful and thorough! Very friendly staff!! We are very happy and satisfied with the work! Thank you!

Stephanie F

Nor Cal was exceptional! Great attention to my concerns and to the details of remediating my kitchen. They kept us informed and up to date and educated us about the process. I can't say enough good things about Nor Cal Disaster Restoration Clean.

Nancy Haley

On time....straight forward...they did swipe tests on the walls revealing smoke residue....thoroughly cleaned all walls, surfaces and carpets..including fixtures......brought in machines to remove smoke odor.. upon completion walked with us through the house confirming that we were satisfied with their work.....we were..

Steve garner

Shad and the crew were great - super knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Your team turned an unpleasant situation into a pleasant experience. We are super thankful that you went the extra mile for us and were flexible to coordinate with all parties involved. Sincerely, thanks!

Rich Rupp

Fantastic. This is a phenomenal business. They were on time professional, pleasant and did a stellar job. There was not one thing that they missed, and everything was put right back as it was. I highly recommend NorCal Disaster Restoration.

Steve Garner

We are so pleased with the work you did. Thanks to you we are comfortable again in our refuge which had been really impacted by fall out from the fires. Thank you very much Shad, HELEN and Matt for your deep commitment, your thoroughness and your attention to detail.

Tom Morin

On time, friendly and great work..

Steven Chiesa

We are fortunate to still have a home, as many of our neighbors lost theirs due to the Tubbs fire. The NorCal team contacted us very early on. Shad and his team quickly engaged us, explained the process and arrived at our home with a plan to clean and restore our home prior to the fire. Over the course of three days, the NorCal team literally cleaned every surface of our home. They provided much needed advise and support. We are grateful for the professionalism and quality of their work.

Rhonda C.

Shad, Helen, and Matt did an excellent job with the inside of the house from smoke damage. The only issue I had was with the garage, it wasn't touched at all and still smells like smoke sometimes. Other than that they did a good job.

Lucila S

Punctual, Kind, Thorough, Quick

NorCal Disaster Restoration Clean's team that came into my home post-disaster showed up before the scheduled time (setting a tone of punctuality). The team was very sensitive to the needs of my family considering the circumstances my family and community are facing. The team was very thorough with the cleaning process and unexpectedly quick with outstanding quality. The team was also very respectful of my past of being a veteran and treated me with an overly amount of respect. Thank you kindly!

Brandon W.

Fast friendly compassionate and efficient. Highly recommend.

Scott M

They were great! We put a claim in through our insurance company and they called within 2 hours. Service was done quickly and everyone was very nice.

Heather C

Very nice and professional. Would def recommend.

Sylvia N

Responsive, Thorough, Knowledgable, Helpful, Efficient

Responsive, Thorough, Knowledgable, Helpful, Efficient to name just a few superlatives. This was my first experience with a major household catastrophe and I was still in shock and confused about what to expect. Shad called me promptly and set a time to see the damage. He arrived on time, explained in terms I could understand. He set realistic expectations of next steps and gave me an idea of what to expect with regards to my insurance. NorCal took care of us when we were in need. Thanks

Helene W

These guys were fabulous! Helped me with two separate roof leaks. Made sure my damage on the inside of my house was cleaned up, and instrumented a great referral to get my roof fixed. Couldn't ask for better service or nicer people!

Anne H.

Wow! What a relief to have had NorCal Disaster Restoration there when we needed them. We had a water pipe burst in our vacation home and didn't find out for over a week. Our insurance agent suggested Shad and his company who responded immediately. We had to trust Shad with the keys to the house as we were unable to be there when he arrived. He was calm and assuring and let us know that this was business as usual for him and explained the steps to get things cleaned up. Shad phoned or emailed his progress daily and kept us informed about the progress in getting things cleaned up. This was very reassuring. He was very helpful with not only his company's portion but, discussed with us the other upcoming steps necessary to get our home back normal. We've never had anything like this happen to us before and have heard horror stories from other people about similar situations and consider ourselves very lucky and fortunate to have had NorCal Disaster Restoration on our side.


Very professional. Got the work done in a timely matter. Thanks NorCal!

John's Truck Repair

Shad and his crew have been very helpful over the years with many projects. They will always have your best interest in mind. I would highly recommend them.


I LOVED the SERVICE and ease of working with Shad Tovalacci when I had a mold issue but I was even more amazed when I had to call him back within the same year when my house caught on fire! NorCal Disaster Restoration exceeded my expectations and is priced right! It's a fair deal for everyone involved and the quality of work shows! I not only highly recommend this 5 star company but will certainly call on them again myself (hopefully not too in the near future).

Jeanette R

We had a flood with major damage to almost the entire downstairs of our rental house. Nor Cal Restoration took care of the entire process-from dealing with our insurance company to making the house more beautiful than ever. Kyle and Jim were fantastic. They repaired the walls, and replaced flooring and the entire kitchen. They are professional and kind -- highly recommend Nor Cal Restoration!!

Joye O

Amazing , Amazing, Amazing!!!

We are so happy to have found Shad. Right from the start he was friendly, helpful and very detailed on how he would fix our water damaged 1st floor. He took his time during the estimate to make sure we understood everything and how the process works. When he and his crew arrived the first day they were all in uniform in company vehicles, very classy and professional. Service was top notch- my entire first floor was thoroughly vacuumed and meticulously dusted by hand twice. When they removed the sheet rock it was done in uniform length and straight cuts, no jagged edges, making the repair process easier. The fans were extremely efficient and the job was finished on time. Plus all the crew had amazing personalities and did not come off as intrusive. It was nice to have them here to talk with about the process to put our mind at ease. Shad was also super helpful at helping to get us to the next stage of repair and suggested a contractor he trusted and felt would be a good fit in regards to our needs. Thank you so much for your help. You made a negative experience as easy as possible and eased our anxiety tremendously. You showed us courtesy and a genuine work ethic we needed during this time. Thank You!!!!

Michelle C

I was grateful I called Shad after finding a flood in our kitchen from the water supply line to the ice maker. Shad took care of all the details and was very diligent until the house was completely dried. We thought we found asbestos tiles under the existing floor which added to the problem. Helen came in and boxed up all of my kitchen belongings just in case we had to protect all my belongs should the asbestos test come back positive. Most importantly, Shad was available to communicate and keep you informed of what he was doing and was there to answer any questions that came up for us. I am very happy to refer Shad and his crew for any emergency that may arise in your home.

Ilene R

A thoroughly professional job done outside regular business hours with speed and effectiveness. Very easy to work with, boarded a shattered patio door (burglary) at 9pm on a Friday evening, cleaning crew out the next morning (Saturday) to clean up glass fragments everywhere. Whole house carpets vacuumed thoroughly. Outside clean up excellent. Good service, great job, motivated staff. Highly recommend.

Ian R.

Shad was in our office within an hour of our call. We had a water line from our water dispenser break and soaked the carpet. Our concern was mold since we're in an old building. He came in and set up his equipment with the goal to eliminate moisture. Carpet was dry to the touch but I still saw water dripping from the equipment. He took the time to explain the process in a way I could understand. He kept me informed daily. Shad takes great pride in his work and is very professional.

Anna S

People you can TRUST!

Everyone wants to do business with someone they can trust, especially in an emergency. Well, those people are Shad and Hellen at NorCal DRC! I am so grateful to them for not only the high quality work provided, but for their honesty about the process, setting (and actually exceeding) my expectations, and working with my insurance company. They restored our apartment to better condition than before the fire! I am so grateful for their hardwork and commitment and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to everyone.

Mishel K.

October 26th 2013 approx. 9:00PM became a horrible night when I received a call that one of our rentals was on fire.Not knowing where to turn for help I was given the name of Shad's [NorCal] company. considering that it was late at night and the trip from Windsor, Shad put me at rest by telling me that he was there to make sure that he would mitigate any problems that might arise from this fire. Shad arrived at the scene and was there until all responders and himself were confident that all would be protected.I am so grateful for Shad, Helen, Matt and all of his crew as to how they worked so professionally to ensure that my property would be ready for the contractor to come in and start the rebuild portion of this tragedy.

Marcus G.

Shad is a very high-quality person who truly cares about his customers and families who have become victims of disaster. Anyone who finds NorCal DRC should consider them lucky to be able to deal with such an honest and straightforward company, since this industry has many people who are only in this for the money and do not care about their customers.

Sean D.

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