Specialty Drying Systems

The source of your water damage can come from anywhere. A five dollar plumbing component could cost thousands in damages. You may be confronted with faulty supply lines, roof leaks, fallen trees, appliance failures, and storm damage alike. How well its responded too could determine the extent of damage done, unlike other problems that occur and are corrected. Water damages tend to happen and continue causing further damage until the property is promptly mitigated. Time is of the essence and NorCal Disaster Restoration Clean’s response time is immediate and on scene within 1-2 hours.

We use the latest in drying technology to control humidity, airflow, temperature in an effort to expedite the drying process after a flood in your home or business. Different types of specialty drying equipment may be used depending on the various types of building materials used to construct your building. It’s our job to determine which would be more effective to use in an effort to bring your home or business back to pre-loss conditions.


 Critical Path Management Services

With this consultation we will arrive in 2-4 hours from discovery. Upon initial inspection we will examine the water source to stop or prevent further damage. Disclose pre-existing conditions and make the preliminary determinations as best course of action to take in an effort to mitigate your losses. Once we have established the building history and assessed the risk factors we will recommend the drying procedures to deploy and set a timeline from which to achieve set drying goals to maximize drying efficiency while reducing loss of use and to reduce business interruption.


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